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Prophunt 1.4.0 Patch
Screen Space Reflection on water has been added Water Hit Effects Dynamic Grass Red Dot On Red dot Sight will automatically align itself to center of Screen (ca...
Automatic updates (Butler)
I have implemented butler system to easily update the game without uploading it whole...
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Bugs Listed will be fixed in the new patch
patch v1.3.0 -Flashlight performance drop -a few animations wont play -added more props to Riverside -Character changed in FPP A Few other Bugs Reported fixed...
Xmas Update + Bug Fixes
-Changed Ladder movement from W forward and S backward to Camera Rotation based movement -Changed Water Movement to camera rotation based vertical movement -Cha...
Prophunt Beta v1.1.0 Released
-Doors can now be open by using Interact Key -Nicknames (OFFLINE/LAN ONLY) For Now. If Steam is On it will use steam name instead -Weapon Attachments (Silencer...
PropHunt BETA now Available
Prophunt beta is now available for free. changes/improvements -2 Characters Added -Survival mode and ai removed (UNSTABLE) -Prop sound fixed -Performance impro...
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Prophunt Now Available (FREE)
I Have been working on this game for quite some time now. Right now i have default mannequin as character but i am trying to implement other. Anyway my game is...
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prophunt launch on itch
Launch on Prophunt v0.2.5 will be available soon Update v0.2.6 -Changing LTS gamemode to a Bomb scenario just like CS -Players color will be determine...