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Prophunt is a multiplayer game where there are two teams Hunters and Props. Props will hide from hunters while hunters will find them. Props have to survive 6 mins by becoming various objects from the map and blend in with them

Requires 2 players minimum The game can be played without steam but only offline lan STEAM will be required to play online

Contains 2 Modes Deathmatch and Prophunt 

Day and night cycle disabled (performance issue) 

New In game UI 

Newer weapons and props 

Graphics options now working, gameplay tab to customize Crosshair to your liking with fov slider and fps counter also added user editable key bindings

CONTROLS: WASD to move H to holster weapon G to drop weapon F to change fire mode of weapon E to interact Other key bindings are user editable

Feel Free to give suggestions 

Please let me know if you find any bugs

Note: Game is in early access so expect some glitches and bugs.

Install instructions

Download and extract from Rar file before starting application other wise it will fail


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Version 5 45 days ago

Development log

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