Prophunt Beta v1.1.0 Released

-Doors can now be open by using Interact Key

-Nicknames (OFFLINE/LAN ONLY) For Now. If Steam is On it will use steam name instead

-Weapon Attachments (Silencer, Sight and Vertical grip for now)

-LowPoly map

-Hit Bone detection (For Headshots)

-Halloween Weapon Skin

-Changed In game and main menu UI

Bug Fixes

-Fixed props sound issue

-Fixed Low Light on 'Riverside'

-Fixed Footsteps Sound (sometimes they won't play)

-Fixed Movement and Sprinting

-Fixed crouching

-Fixed Multiple Overhead player names being created


-Used timers instead of Tick

-Removed higher Poly Meshes and replaced with much lower poly ones

-Material/Texture Quality over distances (based on Camera Position)

-Lowered Amount Of Foliage

-Reduced amount of unwanted replicated Events and Variables

-Particles count reduced

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